Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
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Best Laid Plans...

Rather than doing anything even remotely useful today, I took a really really long nap after lunch. It's good since I feel about 1000x better than I did on Wednesday, but it would have been nice to get something useful done on my half day off when I wasn't hosting a big bash.

I also have a decent bit of actual work to do this weekend (as I have a meeting about it on Monday) so I can't plan on just working on house stuff all weekend. Fortunately since my dad is going on a hunting trip I probably won't be going out to lunch with my folks (unless he comes across and bags a really big deer early on Saturday, which is unlikely).

Ah, all in all this is likely to be a very laid back weekend where I can munch on good leftovers, do productive stuff and enjoy a mostly clean-ish house. The upside of the mad cleaning before a family gathering is that I get to enjoy a clean/neat house for a few weeks afterwards (at least until I start my next big project ;).
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