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monkey business

A variable day...

Well, today was... interesting. I have once again determined that people by and large are morons. Strangely enough, my day was actually pretty decent (bordering on good even).

  • The first adventure of the day was schlepping around town before 6am so I could drop off some random bills/payments and swinging by the grocery store for suitable veggie goodness for my sandwiches. Oh, and picking up some DVD goodness for my evening's entertainment

  • Then I got to hustle out to the jobsite for the first day of traffic duty wherein we get to close down various lanes of traffic so that we can do some work in the street. This is actually the point at which I got to experience the true stupidity of my fellow upright apes. See, it turns out that despite numerous signs and bright orange cones, some idiots couldn't quite figure out which lanes were closed. I ended up having to move my truck 3 seperate times in order to block people from finding ways around the cones. I also got chewed out and cursed at several times by people who were just shocked and amazed that the big bright orange signs and cones indicating that there was construction work going on actually meant that there was construction work going on. Yeesh

  • We got going on the actual work and I had to spend most of the morning making and receiving calls in a spirited game of telephone tag between myself and about half a dozen different people because the folks who are supposed to locate various underground cables/utilities didn't actually do their jobs right and we kept noticing that it looked like there were more cables and whatnot than what was actually marked. As you can imagine this was great fun to do outside in a very windy/cool day. On the bright side though, at least I got all that sorted out (we think) and once the entire crew was in place the traffic thing mostly settled down (apparently people didn't feel like arguing with the big yellow tractor that was in the way at that point).

  • One of the highlights of my day was getting to see a ticket triple play by a cop. Normally I'm no fan of cops and tickets but some dipshit decided to do some really aggressive and reckless driving going by our work site and a cop happened to see her and he happened to pull her over. Get this, she not only got hit for the original ticket, but it was doubled because she was in a work zone and it was doubled again because it also happened to be in the tail end of a school zone (I found this out when the cop came around to tell us that one of our signs had gotten blown around a bit and I chatted with him a few minutes). I must admit that I felt quite a bit of evil satisfaction at seeing this lady get ticketed and knowing that she got screwed so thoroughly after being such a bitch (she almost hit another car in trying to get around the whole minute's worth of traffic).

  • There was a glitch in our plan so we ended up having to call it a day early so we could adjust things and move our excavation over about 20 feet. Not a huge problem, but I'll probably end up having to write a pissy letter to the water utilities and seeing if they'll reimburse us for the expenses we incurred thanks to their screw up. We'll have to see though.

  • However, this glitch meant that I got to cut out early so I was able to make it to see my advisor with plenty of time. That meeting was surprisingly painless and took all of 10 minutes. He signed off on my advising form and I was on my way.

  • I got to register for 1 of my classes, but I need to see what I can do about the other two. For some bizarre reason, I can't register for the two lower level (i.e. early undergrad) classes. Stupid cookie cutter registration system. Hopefully I can get that all sorted out this week though. I'd like to see if I can get an emergency loan so I don't have to cough up all the $$$ at once (I'd still have to pay it back during the semester but that wouldn't hurt as much as paying all at once).

  • I got to watch my DVDs and enjoy a nice pain-free dinner.

So yeah, that's my day. Not too exciting, but definitely interesting ;).


Be careful working out on the roads. I worry about all the asshole drivers!
Thanks. We finally finished that part of the job and there were no major problems (just had to deal with a few idiots/jerks per day).
Btw, has the doctor told you what the problem was?
Nope. I managed to miss my appointment with him on Friday thanks to having to be on the other side of town working. I'm feeling ok and I have enough meds for a few weeks at least so I think I'm going to wait for my insurance to kick in come January before I try either your dr or the one my other brother suggested.