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An eventful week

Wow, I'm updating.

I had a pretty busy week and a very relaxing weekend.

Some highlights:

Grad School - I am officially registered for my classes next semester. I'm taking Construction Management and Financial Accounting. Getting registered and sorting out the tuition stuff was surprisingly painless. I was able to do most of it online (with the exception of the change of address and picking up my student ID) and I got it all sorted out on Thursday evening, after work.

The most interesting part of the whole process was convincing 3 seperate people that a) I wanted to take an accounting class, b) I knew it wouldn't count towards my major, and c) I was doing it just because I wanted to. You'd think I had just told them I was an alien from a planet far far away. Even though I'm a grad student (and presumably know what I'm doing) they still insisted on being shocked/bewildered/confused about my wanting to take that class. I wonder if this is going to be what I have to deal with every time I try to take something that's not in my major.

Health Stuff - I'm still not 100%, but overall I've been feeling better. Unfortunately, I discovered that I am pizza intolerant. I had some yesterday and I spent the evening regretting it. *grumble* oh well at least it was a relatively mild episode and pretty much blew over by the time I went to bed. I'm getting back into the whole exercise thing and so far I'm not noticing any major problems. It's still a bit hard eating right and breaking my various bad habits, but on the whole I think I'm doing ok.

Phone Stuff - I'm going back to my old Audiovox phone. The LG is ok, but it has a few annoying quirks that are getting under my skin. Most notably, it doesn't charge while I'm talking. So if it's about to die when I plug it in and I talk for 45 minutes or so, it'll still be about to die when I stop talking and unplug it (as opposed to the Audiovox which would be about 100% charged). The camera on the Audiovox is also a decent bit better than the one on the LG (despite the fact that the LG has a flash). I'm a bit disappointed in the phones, but I'm going to go back to the Verizon store and see if they have anything that I like better. The new phones are still better than what my folks had so it's a good deal even if we do keep them, but I just happen to like my Audiovox better than these particular LGs (which makes sense since the Audiovox was one of the higher end ones (at the time) and I think these LGs are the middle of the road models).

Movie Silliness - I actually watched all 11.5 hours of LotR extended DVDs with the commentaries over the last several days. I have to say I like the commentaries a fair bit and they helped explain some of the decisions they made wrt the books/stories. I always liked the movies and now I have a good feel for why they're so much different than the books (which, to me, is a Good Thing).

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