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The Pizza Incident

Well, I'm sick-ish again.

It turns out that the combination of pizza and going off my meds this weekend really did a number on me. I'm doing ok-ish now, but I was pretty miserable for a few days there. Fortunately, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it was a couple of weeks back. That was largely because I knew what was going on and could react accordingly (i.e. eat minimally until my stomach settled down). I think I'm almost ok again, but I'm definitely going to have to stay on the meds longer than I'd hoped. This isn't too horrible since they're reasonably painless to take (just one pill, once a day), but I still hate having to be so damn careful about stuff like this.

Anyways, aside from that, things are ok. Unless anything big comes up, I'm off tomorrow and Friday for x-mas (my folks took pity on me because I'd been sick-ish and working all week). My plan is to veg, feel better, and hopefully figure out what I can and cannot eat safely. Last weekend set me back a bit, but I'm glad that the problems seem to stem directly from eating greasy food and not taking my meds so as long as I'm careful I should be ok again while my stomach finishes healing (the healing is likely to take longer than I'd hoped, but I'm definitely on the mend).

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