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Let it snow...

It's snowing, and if it continues & sticks, I think we might actually have a White Christmas.

Nifty. Now I'm definitely glad I had the day off :)


damn i hope not cuz i got some gift delivering to do

just my damned luck
No kidding.

It's still snowing out here and the temps dropping so it may start to stick soon (although it's looking pretty light so it might die out before it sticks).
Yeah, I went to give Martin a ride home from work and we were gonna head over to Shannon's to drop stuff off, but it was looking sorta bad there and the mountains weren't visible so I thought it best to avoid the trip.

Of course, as usual, it's bone dry for the most part and nice in the LV.
Ok, it is 60 in CT and you have snow in El Paso??? What is wrong here?????
Hell (Paso) is freezing over.
well the Red Sox DID win... ;)