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What a difference a few hours makes. For parkero and my other friends from up north. Proof that it is, in fact, snowing in El Paso.

So long as tomorrow isn't too warm, it looks like we have a good chance at having a white Christmas (or at least a White Christmas Eve). Yes, this is something of a big deal for us. The City of El Paso doesn't even own a snow plow... or a snow shovel for that matter, so you can imagine how much snow the street department is actually equipped to deal with ;).


we got lots of sand though! hehe

its a lot heavier up there (as usual), but we're getting some too. They closed some roads up near there: fred wilson, railroad, transmountain, anthony gap and a few others in the hillier areas (is that a word...hillier?)

proof that snow doesn't stick around very long hehe (from a couple of years ago on the same day)
Well so far it's still snowing up here, and it's officially dipped down to freezing so I suspect we'll have snow at least through some part of tomorrow.

I actually wouldn't mind if the snow was mostly gone by tomorrow evening (since I'll have to drive to my folk's place for dinner).

After yesterday's 60, all our snow is gone, and it is mud. So, I'm dreaming of a brown christmas!!! But, this morning, it is 28 degrees. We have a shot at "show showers" tomorrow, but, looks like you'll be having the white christmas for me.

Have fun playing with Molly's 4 wheel drive!
So pretty! That's about the same amount we got here in Dallas. Houston was nice, though none of it stuck where I was.