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Quick Recap

Some thoughts.

The 26th wasn't as bad as I was afraid it might be. It's always a bad day for me (anniversary of some Really Bad Shit) but I got to talk with a good friend in the AM, I got a great idea for a new project, and I went out with some old college friends in the PM. A nice dinner catching up on all of our adventures followed by a few games of bowling (which I suck at, but it was still fun) and a few hours hanging out at my place enjoying even more good conversation definitely served to make the day pass surprisingly well.

People who only win items on eBay by sniping are scum. I beat out one sniper today, but he more than doubled the price of the item I was buying. When I looked at his history, all of his most recent purchases were sniped within the last minute or so of the auction. So, I was quite happy to have beaten him.... and somewhat grumpy that he cost me the extra $$$. All in all though I won several auctions I really wanted and I got a bunch ofl key components for my newest geeky endeavor (which I will giddilly share with you once it's completed).

Health was so-so. Breakfast caused some problems, but I'm getting better at spotting what will and will not set me off so I'm getting a lot better at avoiding major pain and suffering. Even so, my stomach was in bad shape for a while and I couldn't eat for about 12 hours. On the whole I am getting better, but it's not a steady upward path to being healthy again. Rather I have good days and bad days and the main indication that I'm getting better is that there are more and more good days and the bad days aren't as bad anymore. Certainly a good thing, but still frustrating. Now that I now what seems to be wrong, I want to be better already and it's hard to accept that fact that getting better just takes time.

I had a long conversation with the ex while my stomach was being grumpy (for an added bit of misery). All things considered, it actually wasn't as bad as our previous chats. I was brutally honest about a few things and she seemed to better appreciate where I was coming from. I'll have more to post about it tomorrow when I have more time to process things. I think I can definitely see that the attraction that I felt towards her is diminishing and I'm definitely not as hung up on her anymore, but even so, I do have to admit that I still miss her on a daily basis, but that's less and less of an issue. It helps having new people to think about and talk to. I definitely need to make an effort to socialize more, both with friends, and with possible romantic interests. I've been way too lazy about socializing these last few months. A lot of that had to do with feeling sick since October, but some of that was also just moping after the whole relationship went kaput.

To hell with the hermit shit.

Anyways, I'm tired and I need to get up early. Hasta Manana.


What exactly does sniping mean?
Typically it's waiting until the last minutes/seconds of an auction before throwing in a bid so that they win the auction without giving anyone a chance to outbid them.

This is particularly annoying since eBay does proxy bidding where you put in your max bid and their servers handle raising the bids and figuring out who had the lowest high bid. Unfortunately a lot of people insist on bidding in increments (e.g. making bids of $10, $15, $20, $25 instead of just putting in a single bid with a max bid of $30) so it makes sense to snipe since an auction could be at $10 and you could win it for $11 when the original person might have been willing to go up to $30.

So the reason I won my auction is that I put in an actual high bid and it was higher than the sniper's bid and he didn't have time to try a higher amount to outbid me. I was mostly grumpy because he still managed to more than double the price for the auction.
Ahhh, okay.

Honestly, this whole eBay thing is very new to me. I never messed with it and now the closest I get is watching Todd.

No one else bid on the car he bought. It was a relatively easy auction to win!

Way to go

At least you beat out the other guy and won your item, even if this does seem to be a Pyrrhic victory.
Exes are never fun... There's one who I should've missed that I never did--not even for a second. And then there was one YEARS ago (7 to be exact) who should be forgotten but likes to come into my dreams every once in a while.

I'm proud of you, though, for denouncing your hermity ways. Looks like 2005 will be good for you!