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zhaan silly


So part of the logic to buying a laptop sleeve for my laptop is that I could carry it in a normal messenger bag that doesn't scream out "look, I have a laptop here" (and ironically the bag I carried around before that was a laptop bag that never once had a laptop in it). Plus if I don't need to take my laptop with me I can yank it out easily enough and still have all my other stuff with me.

Anyhow, I found the idea behind the PowerPizza extremely amusing (you know.... it might be fun to make one of my own just for amusement's sake ;).


ohhh my

i find it hard to find good laptop bags now...but, everyone on campus has one so it's not like we have to be really conspicuous about it or anything

I used to have a side strap laptop bag basically but it was too heavy with my books...so i got the wonderful swiss army bookbag with padded laptop section :)
Of course, I barely ever carry it with me, but still! haha
Heh, funny you should mention that, but I was just looking at a SA bookbag recently. Very cool. I'm seriously thinking about getting one.

The one reason why it's nice to have a non-conspicuous bag is that I often end up in the outside world where people have been known to grab and run bags with stuff they figure to be valuable. I figure my best bet is to make sure my laptop looks as un-laptop like as possible.
And the first thing that pops into my head is the image of cargonetting one of these to the back of a motorcycle to cart it around town. I'm tempted to blame Redbones for teaching me that the proper way to deliver food is on two wheels (theirs doesn't have a motor though).
Heh, that would be kind of cool if you were wardriving... hmmm... now that's an idea ;)
But then you can't carry it on a strap, right? Since most people don't carry around pizza boxes with shoulder straps.

I'm hungry!
That's true.

And it's made of cardboard which would suck in the rain etc...

Still though, kind of a neat idea.