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Grad School Reloaded

Well, I made it through my first class awake and with only a minor injury.

The prof is pretty cool, and I feel fairly hopefully about the class given that I learned a decent bit of (useful) stuff on the very first day. I ended up taking about 4 pages worth of notes and *gasp* I actually understood what I was writing down. Not bad for the first day of school ;). Now the only tricky thing will be getting the textbook in time to get the assigned reading and the first problem set done. I decided to order from Amazon since they had it for about 65% of what I would have paid at the bookstore (and it's a damn pricey book too), but the shipping could take as long as next Friday.

In other news, I have a bedroom again. Now, I'm just trying to get furniture moved in and sorted out before I decide to call it a night. Yes, pictures soon... ish.

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