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zhaan silly

Yikes, just yikes....

Ok, now this is just.....




Check out the Nudist Colony of the Dead

Which apparently has the "famous quote" of "Remember, the children can't praise the Lord if they've got genitals in their mouths." *

* which, if true, might be reason enough to teach proper oral sex techniques to more people ;)





Ahahaahahaaaa! Next time those religious nuts come to my door trying to convert me, I will just let them know about this idea... hee hee hee.
Heh, you go shady.

Spread the word (by mouth ;)
Now were you actually searching for this on ebay, or was it one of those surprises? :)
Definitely a surprise.

I was looking for Undead, the aussie zombie flick.
you are so wrong for that. lol

but hey, if you're gonna be dead, you may as well go naked.
heh, that phrase so needs to be in Mad Libs...

"Hey, if you're going to be ______, you may as well go naked"
lol, I can only imagine the responses for that. :)