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Customer service that isn't....

When exactly did it become a rule that people who do tech support for a tech company don't actually know tech stuff? or English for that matter?

Roadrunner is having issues this morning and I called up because, wouldn't you know it, I have email that I need to send out. Apparently that's not going to be an option for the next 2 hours.... grrr... Then, the kicker was that they wouldn't give me my email password even though I said "Ok, well can I get my password so I can try again in a few hours?"

I don't get it. He told me that there was a problem. I acknowledged it, and informed him that while I was fiddling with Eudora (not knowing that there was a problem), I had reset my password on it and I didn't know it off the top of my head (this is for my secondary email account). He proceeded to tell me about the problem again, and I acknowledged it again and asked for my password again.... We did this a total of 4 times before he got fed up and told me that he'd have a tech call me later, once the problem was resolved. I didn't feel like arguing anymore so I said that was fine.

I think I'll wait until the other tech calls and then complain about that bit of bad service. I'm really not that annoyed, but once someone starts giving me a hard time while I'm actively trying to be nice and explain my problem, I do get a wee bit cranky.

Oh well... oddly enough live journal is working today.