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The ever growing family

Well I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member of my family. My niece Patti finally went into labor (almost 2 weeks late) and Ian Christopher Villarreal finally made his appearance Tuesday at 4:31am.

Say hello to Ian:

and here you have my niece, Patti (looking understandably tired), and Ian:


Awww, what a beautiful baby.
Congrats on the new member of the family :)
Thanks :)
Awww, congratulations! Glad mom and baby are doing well.

They're both doing fine and he's apparently one of the best behaved babies ever (a fact which I'm sure pleases his parents)
Congratulations! And it's good to know that the baby made it into this world healthy.
Thanks :)

Yeah, definitely, especially since her last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage after she was in a car accident.

Everyone was extra nervous waiting for Ian to be born and he just didn't want to come out. Stubborn kid ;)
Heh, thanks :)

She was quite flattered when I told her you said that.

Awww! Look at that precious, squishy face! :)


Thanks :)
hehe...the pacifier?
congratulations on a healthy new bit of family. :)
Thanks :)