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What we have here is a failure to communicate...

I wanted to recount the two more interesting exchanges I had today.

In the AM:

I get a call from the foreman at one of our jobs... at 7:45 AM. I'm about 10 minutes away from the job site, filling up a gas can with diesel for our tractor. This guy has called me every day this week with the same general "what are you guys planning to do today" question because they're in a great rush to see us finish our work, despite the fact that it has no bearing on the rest of the project (they haven't started any construction yet, we're doing utility work in the street). Needless to say we're a bit less than thrilled with them.

Foreman: So when are you guys going to get here?
Me: I'm about 10 minutes away, but we might not be able to work there today because it's raining
Foreman: So?
Me: Well, it's dangerous.
Foreman: Well the rockwall guys are working here today...
Me: Yeah, and they're in the property, away from traffic, building a wall.
Foreman: So?
Me: Uh... we'd be in the middle of a busy street, on the downhill side just past a blind curve that people routinely speed down. You were there yesterday and you saw how hectic it got on a normal, dry day. Do you realize how dangerous it would be if we tried doing this while the streets are wet?
Foreman: So you guys aren't going to do it today?
Me: *sigh* We'll see if it clears up by the time I get there...

Now, it's not like we had a torrential downpour, but there was enough rain to get the roads nice and slick and it was raining from early morning until around noon-ish. Not heavily, but enough to keep roads a bit wet all morning. The work we were going to do would take between 6-8 hours to finish and it has to be done in a single day (since we're cutting up the road, digging a trench, laying pipe, and covering it up so that cars can pass through there by evening). It's possible that we could have done the work, but that particular stretch of road was dangerous enough that I'm nervous about doing the work on a normal, dry day. On a day like today, I'd pretty much expect an accident at some point. People do all sorts of crazy/stupid things around construction sites. We've had people almost drive into our trenches despite traffic cones/signs and workers trying to flag them to stop. They just glare at us, ignore our attempts to warn them (or try to scare us by acting like they're going to run us down) and then get pissed off when they almost wreck their cars (and then they claim that they didn't see us waving at them frantically while standing almost directly in front of them).

and in the PM:

I was paying at VI and chatting with tuesdayslament and she spotted my recently aquired American flag pin on my jacket.

TL: That's a nice pin there. Are you republican?
Me:Uh... noo....
TL: Are you democrat?
Me:Umm no... I'm disappointed.

I dunno, I just found that highly amusing and that pretty much sums up how I feel about politics lately. Not so much because I'm particularly for or against either party (although I'm certainly less fond of one), but mostly because it seems like we're all careening towards a Very Bad Place (tm) and the powers that be (all of them) are merrily bickering away with no clue, plan, or inclination to change the course of things and most people seem to be pretty much ok with this.

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