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Procrastination Express

I just finished my homework which is due later today. Can you tell that I loathe doing homework? (even when it's easy)

However, before I get to enjoy the pleasure of a 3 hour long accounting class, I have a busy day or work ahead of me. I get to work outside, at a jobsite.... all day.

Did I mention it's fairly cool out and it's projected to get colder as the day goes on? There's even a chance of snow.

This is going to be a very loooooong day.

Time for a power nap before work (I wouldn't deign to actually call this sleep).


Eh. Somehow snow is no longer exciting to me like it was two months ago. I guess I've had my fill of it, especially since i'm used to snow once a year and now we're going on three times this winter.
I totally sympathize. I don't think we've had this many days of rain/snow in a while and what sucks is that it tends to wreck havoc with our schedule for things (since a lot of our work is done outdoors). It's a major pain (because then I have to explain to my clients why we aren't working on their job that day etc...).

Heh, right now, I loathe weather.
snow? eep. it's been nice weather all week here.

and i haven't even started my due-tomorrow homework, if that makes you feel any better. i keep forgetting about it.
Hey there, sorry for being out of touch lately. I've just been hosed with school and work. Lately it seems like I'm constantly trying to keep up with stuff that I'm already behind on (so it's reminding me a lot of back in the day ;).
no problem...i'm just barely keeping head above water myself, and not even doing it all that well. i was all grumpy last night and went to lie down around 10pm...and didn't get out of bed for 12 hours, and didn't get to work til after noon. not so good.

anyhow, if you have a chance, maybe give me a call this weekend. :) we'll catch up when we can.

oh, also: is there still some chance you'll be going to Roast this year? i don't have my tickets yet, but i'm planning to be there. i'm...looking forward to it, in some ways, but at best it's not going to be easy.
Yeesh. I know how you feel. If I could stay in bed that long I'd definitely do it somedays (but as it is my back starts hurting and staying in bed ends up being more trouble than it's worth).

How about if I give you a call on Sunday? Any particularly good or bad times to call?

If you want me to go along to Roast I'd be glad to. My going was pretty much contingent on whether or not you were going and wanted me to come along with you. If you want to go, I'll go, we can figure out some game plan when I call.
re: calling - apparently a friend's coming in to town Sunday sometime in the AM, but he says he doesn't know exactly when yet and has generally been way flaky about this whole visiting thing. so i have no idea what i'm doing tomorrow, but calling in the morning's probably better.
...or maybe since it's not too-too late yet, i'll just go ahead and call you now. :)

re: Roast - i've pretty much made up my mind to go, but just haven't bought the plane tickets yet. i can only stay friday-sunday, since the week afterward is the last week of classes. i have no idea what my mental/emotional state will be, how well i'll deal with anything...meh.
anyhow, we'll figure things out more when we talk next. :)
one of these days i will NOT procrastinate before giving a talk ;p exhausting!
Heh, this will probably be sometime around when I don't procrastinate on an assignment which is likely to happen sometime when a certain southern locale's temperature drops unusually low ;)