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swiss army knife


Another long ass day.

10+ hours and a lot of work.

Man, I am sooo looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully some good times hanging out with friends and watching some good movies.

Speaking of good movies, I watched the AoP13 trifecta this week. I watched Rio Bravo which beget John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 which beget the newest AoP13 that's in theatres right now. I have to say, I was actually, pleasantly surprised with all three movies. They're all quite interesting and while they might not be everyone's cup of tea, they're all pretty nifty.

Now, I'm going to get cracking on those long neglected comments (because the alternative is either sleep or working on my homework and neither is particularly appealing right this minute).

In case anyone is interested, I finally put up some photos of my recent projects. So far I've only finished the porch swing entry but that should change soon (with photos up it takes a lot less time for me to get around to making posts... theoretically)


That is amazing. 1. Because I LOVE porch swings, my grandparents had one on their porch when I was a kid, and I would just sit out there and swing forever. and 2. because YOU BUILT IT! WOW! That is....wow....I have no words for how much I admire you.
Heh, thanks.

I think one of the biggest kicks I've gotten from it is telling people that I built it and watching them think about it and ask "like from a kit?" (nope) then "like from a set of plans?" (nope).

For some odd reason telling people I build houses (and that I've designed them etc...) doesn't amaze them, but telling them that I designed and built my own porch swing just floors most folks.
yeah, because house? psh, EVERYONE can do that! c'mon!! but porch swing, that takes way more talent and effort than a house! ;)
well, you know - it is a pretty cool porch swing. :)
Sure thing.

Heh, if nothing else I wouldn't mind visiting NOLA and helping you guys go house hunting either ;)

Have hardhat, will travel :)
That is a tough call. I just spent most of my Sunday working on the bathroom in one of our rental properties and got pretty seriously trashed by the last tenants.

The one downside to being a landlord is upkeep and maintenance on the place. A lot of times it's just not cost-effective to hire someone to do it all for you so then you have to bite the bullet and try your hand at various house things.

It'll definitely be an adventure.

BTW, if you guys find yourselves driving out this way and you want a place to crash at or just stop at for a little bit, you're welcome to come here. Just give me a bit of warning so I can make sure the guest room is useable again (I'm in the process of painting it and fixing stuff in it right now).