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hulk smash!

Non-PC bitching...

Now keep in mind that I worked about 9 hours yesterday (on a Sunday) repairing other people's messes in one of our rental properties. Eventually I decided to stop and take a late lunch (around 3pm).

I walked over to the nearby convenience store and ended up in line, right behind a kid buying chips (for a grand total of $2.42).

It took him 15 minutes to pay for them.


Well he was paying with Lone Star (the Tx food stamp system). For some reason people who use Lone Star always take an inordinately long time to pay for their items. See they give you a little plastic card and a pin # so that you don't feel bad that you're actually using food stamps (even though the card is bright white and labelled "Lone Star" and everyone who sees it knows what it is... and usually cringes when they see you paying for something with it because no one who uses lone star seems to know how to use it). Not only does the government want to help people out, but they don't want them to feel bad about not being able to pay for their own food.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with accepting assistance when you need it. If someone somewhere is hardup for $$ and they're trying to raise their kids, and they need help, then more power to them.


  • Don't send your fat little kid by himself to buy a big bag of potato chips from the local convenience store, feed him something healthy, take careof him and shop somewhere a little bit more economical. The kid couldn't even wait to get out of the convenience store before he ripped into the bag and started munching away as he walked home.
  • If you do send him to buy something, make sure he knows the PIN # (that caused most of the delay yesterday).
  • Make sure he possesses the manual dexterity needed to punch the PIN # into the keypad (it took him 4 tries to punch it in correctly even after he had it)
  • Don't you dare buy your kid a cell phone.

That's right. The kid who was paying with food stamps had a cell phone. Not only that, but he had a fairly nice one too. That's what he used to call his mom and ask her for the PIN number. Apparently she had some trouble figuring out what a PIN number was and he has to ask her for it multiple times.

Oh, and I know, there are probably any number of reasonable explanations why a fat kid buying potato chips with food stamps at the convenience store would have a very nice cell phone on him, but having dealt with more than my share of people on public assistance over the years (most notably through our rental properties) I suspect that the cynical explanation is most likely right.

It's hard not to get down on public assistance programs when you frequently see people scamming them and being proud about it. Forget about being sneaky, people know that it's easy to rip off a lot of these programs and they're happy to do it. Most of the single moms that have ever rented from us and used housing assistance (where the city uses federal funds to pay between X-100% of their rent) have gone to great lenths to claim that the father of their kids left them and doesn't help them at all only to have him conveniently pop up and live with them all the time... except when the inspectors are coming around, and of course in the interest of their privacy, the inspector has to tell them well in advance that he's visiting on a certain day and this conveniently gives them a good chance to hide their boyfriend/husband and his stuff.

Eh, I'll stop, I'm just rambling now. Time to get some work done.


"That's right. The kid who was paying with food stamps had a cell phone. Not only that, but he had a fairly nice one too."

Reminds me of the time I went to the liquor store and saw a lady going to the nearby WIC place to get her gov. assisatnce. For a lady on WIC, she sure drives a sweet SUV.
I've always thought that it would make more sense to allow the purchase of certain foods with the Lone Star card. Milk, eggs, cheese, cereal, meat. Staples. I knew someone in college who applied for food stamps, got them, and then bought steak and lobster. That is just bullshit. I don't eat steak and lobster because I can't afford it. And I don't ask the government to help me so I can buy steak and lobster.
at least in MA there is a program like that. I know from working in the supermarket when I was in high school. It's called WIC - Women Infants and Children. The mother's would come in with coupons that would list exactly what they were good for, and it would be things like eggs, milk, infant formula, cereal. I didn't restrict brand specifically, but it would generally only cover enough for the generics, so if they bought a more expensive brand they had to pay the difference. Makes it a little less inconspicuous for the person shopping since the cashier needs to double-check the list vs the food being bought but I think it is a good system.
Oh yeah! We have WIC here too. I always just thought it was a program aimed at providing nutritious choices. I didn't know it was an assistance program. But it makes sense because it's always items people need like milk and eggs. Plus, it makes it even easier to get stuff that's nutritious because they've taken the guess work out of it.
Yeah, but the thing about WIC (they have it in every state) is that any pregnant woman can apply for it, no matter their financial situation. I know a lot of military wives that are/were on it, and it's not that they needed it, but it was because it's a thing the government does to ensure the health of children and pregnant women. And it is good until the child is 5 years old, I believe.
I've seen far worse than that crap. Personally, asshats that want to simply scam the system should have their nuts bbqed, so people like me can actually GET the help we need. Nothing chaps my ass worse than shits who want to save a few dollars, making it so those really in need can't get the help.
this totally reminds me of the time we saw this woman at Zeke's buying 15 tbone steaks and paying Lonestar I believe...talking on her cellphone. My mom commented, "I cannot wait for the day that I can buy 15 tbone steaks in one trip." It was close to $100 worth of steaks. I guess we could buy 15 tbones too, but that just seems a bit absurd since it's actually OUR money.
It's unfortunate that there are people like that out there. Since I work for Australia's social security system, you hear all the bad stories (let alone, our poor staff who have to deal with these people on a daily basis!). On the other hand, the majority of our customers do not scam the system. It's just the few nasty ones who spoil it for EVERYONE! We work damn hard for our money and for what we have in life. It's annoying as hell when some people seem to make a career from bludging from the system.
Yeah, my mom used to work at the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma, and she saw that kind of crap all the time. She saw some real down and out people too, but a lot of them were scammers. She hated seeing people come in for assistance wearing brand new Tommy Hilfiger clothes (they were popular then), and they would get all kinds of help, but some people that would come in with nothing but rags and dirty kids and nothing at all, they would get minimal help after going through weeks of screening and stuff.

But, whatever, my sister did the same thing, she kind of scammed the system, she was doped up and my parents were paying her rent and sending her money for food and stuff, and she took that money and used it for drugs, and then applied for food stamps and stuff to take care of her kids and to get food.

What a wonderful world we live in when someone has to say something like that about their sister....ahh well. It happens.