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It's amazing how one random non-specific comment can really bring me down.

Despite feeling really down today, I've been semi-productive all weekend. I fixed a broken shredder that my brother gave me. After that, I worked on cleaning up an old metal toy crane from years gone by. It's pretty cool, about 2 ft long, with a functional scoop. I'll put pictures of it up at some point... maybe later if I'm feeling inspired.

I also made more progress cleaning up the house.... One of these days I'll finish... oh and I also took a stab at writing some more of that story that I've been working on. One of these years I may actually finish it :). On the plus side of being moody, I did get some of the elements in the story sorted out after thinking about the non-specific downer comment. Still though, I do wish my moods would last more than 1 or 2 hours at a stretch.

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