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The early dragon gets the shirt.

After not following through on my usual Saturday morning gas-up last week (and then having to constantly go put in $5 at a time at the more expensive places) I made a point of getting up early (6:45 AM) this morning and schlepping out through the rain (again) to Sam's (they have the cheapest gas in the city) and filling up the tank for this weeks's adventures in construction.

Since I was there, I decided to pop in an buy some dog food and look around. About 5 minutes in I struck gold. $2 long sleeve, button down, solid color, work shirts. Now, I'm not usually much of a clothes horse, but damn, $2.00? That's crazy, and to make the deal even sweeter, they only had my size and they had tons of good, dark colors. So I went a little nuts and bought 13 of them for less than $30 (a couple were priced slightly higher at $3.00). As you can imagine, I'm pretty much set as far as semi-dressy professional looking work shirts go, for a while at least :)

After that I dropped off my loot at home and headed over to class. The class was ok, we had a guest speaker and it was interesting to hear his take on things from more of a client's perspective (I've always grown up seeing things from the general contractor's/subcontractor's side of things). I have some thoughts on the matter, but I have to run now and vacuum and steam clean the carpets at the duplex today (while there's still power out there). Fun fun fun.

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