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da vinci dragon

Almost there...

Cool, Dave is going to help me remove some sheets or sheetrock from the duplex. My dad over-estimated when he told me to go buy some for the repairs that the bathroom in the duplex needed. It was in really bad shape, but I managed to get it all done with exactly 2 sheets, leaving 2 extra sheets that I now need to get out of there so I can declare the work done.

The steam cleaner worked wonderfully. I was really impressed with how well it worked. It was a bit tedious because the carpet was so dirty that it took several tank fulls of water and soap to get it cleaned, but the results are amazing (despite the fact that I was using cold water so it wasn't getting heated as much). I'm really curious to see how this thing would work with actual hot water in it (it has a heater so it bumps the temp up a bit as you clean, but you still need to put in hot water, despite what the guy in the store told me).

Oh, and Hitch was good. Not the most progressive movie out there, but definitely a nice romantic comedy type thing and I really enjoyed all the physical humor and jokes in it. It reminded me of an old MGM type movie (there were no musical numbers, but I thought it had that kind of sweet/funny vibe). The casting was spot on and I really enjoyed all the major characters (which is really rare in this kind of movie). The supporting cast really delivered and they made the movie so much better than it might have been otherwise.

Overall, it was definitely a fun movie to watch as a matinee.

Anyways, I'm going to veg for a bit while he gets here.