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What I do for a living...

... sometimes ....

... is to transform this:

(sorry for the quality on this one, it's from my phone's camera) This is actually about a third of the way into the work. I had already replaced some old, rotted 2x4s with the newish looking ones and ripped out the tile and old sheetrock that was there after the last crappy tenants left.

...into this...

Hurray for waterproof drywall. I don't know what the last tenants did, but they managed to turn a white bathroom into a moldy pit of despair in just over one year. Mind you they did this in El Paso, which is a desert and where it's a bit difficult to actually grow mold, let alone in these quantities (it was all over the room, even on the other side, near the door).

... and finally into this...

Ta-da, the finished product. Not bad for my first ever project of this kind. I've done bits and pieces of the work before, but I had never had to go from demolition, to repair, to painting and tiling all on my own. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out given the overall situation. I was particularly proud of my tiling job which had almost no waste and only one mis-cut tile. This was also the first time I ever had to tile a bathroom (I've done floor tile before, but this was more interesting).

... and while I waited for various things to dry....

I turned a dingy white vanity cabinet that had seen better days, into a funky red one with new hardware and a much nicer look. The paint wasn't my first choice, but it's what Lowe's had in their mis-tint area when I went to go look ($1.50 for a quart) and I like the contrast it makes in the bathroom. The hardware was about $7.50 worth of stuff (hinges, door knobs and a purely decorative drawer pull) and I did all the painting and whatnot while I was waiting for everything to dry. I wasn't 100% thrilled with the paint job, but it looks ok and it was done under some significant time constraints (i.e. I had to finish ASAP).


i love before and after pics

(yes i used to be addicted to those "while you were out" and "trading spaces" just to see the end)

i like the cabinet too..the colour is awesome
Wow - the tiling looks great. We have to tackle our ensuite once we have a bit more money. Fortunately we don't have to go to the extent that you did (having to take it right back to the cavaties!), but it still involves ripping up all of the old tiles, retiling th entire ensuite, and replacing the shower and sink.