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So the following pictures have a story to them.

Since pfjunkie is a big fan of driving and since I drive entirely too much for work, I usually end up riding shotgun when we go out causing mischief.

A couple of weeks ago we were driving up Mesa and we had the following exchange:

Me: (looking out the window) Oh wow, a rhinoceros.
Dave: What?
Me: A rhinoceros
Dave: That's what I thought you said... where?
Me: Back there a little ways. It was huge.
Dave: There's a rhinoceros back there?
Me: Yeah, well a statue of one
Dave: Back there? I've never seen it.
Me: Neither have I, but it's huge.
Dave: That's weird.
Me: No kidding

A few hours later as we drive by the same stretch of road...

Dave: Holy crap, there's a rhino there.
Me: Yeah... that's what I said
Dave: It's huge!
Me: Yeah... I know... funny, I could have sworn someone pointed it out earlier...
Dave: I didn't think you meant rhinoceros
Me: What did you think I meant?
Dave: I dunno, I heard rhinoceros, but I didn't think you meant rhinoceros...

So was there a rhinoceros? Yup...

and lo and behold, this weekend, the rhino had a friend. For some odd reason the place had not one, but two life size rhinoceros statues sitting out there.

A close-up:


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