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*gasp* a picture...

Heh, while I was working today, I was inspired to take a picture. Fortunately I had my camera phone handy and voila...

The Welder

hehehe... yeah, I'm a tease, but I thought it was amusing. As you might have guessed I got to play with steel and electricity and nifty things like that and I actually made useful things out of them... at least until the electricity flaked out and now we need to wait until the electrician can come out and take a look to see why the arc-welder no weldy no more.

Anyways, I'm off to do some more work stuff. ttfn.


Wooooo SEXAY!
I love a man in a mask ;)
i see this and I think

"Take me to your leader" hahaha
LOL! :) sexayyy
Big TEASE! ;-)~~~~******
Good picture ;)