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zhaan silly

True Romance.... Wal-Mart style

We saw this at Wal-Mart earlier:

I particularly enjoyed the flowery ad telling you that you can find more gifts online. You know, in case a 5 gallon bucket just won't cut it for your sweetie ;).


hehe, that is amazing! Gotta LOVE Wal-Mart! :-D

Walmart romance

Hey! Those 5 gallon buckets are way more romantic than the empty joint-compound ones in white w/ green writing! :)

My Mom did get drywall for a valentine's gift one year (to close up walls that had been open for far too long). Way to go Dad! ;)
Well, they are in festive feminine colors, now aren't they?

Better than all the ones I have? No. Each year when we do the floors at work we fight over buckets, and what I think is cool is that they say "STRIPPER" on them in giant purple letters and have the hazardous label on them as well. But, I'm ironic like that.

Cool find.