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Brief weekend recap

Well, the weekend is just about over and I'm still a bit sick.

However, despite that fact, I had a very good time and I was surprisingly productive all weekend (although I managed to punt homework more than I should have).

First and foremost, the Devil Doll show kicked major ass. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was awesome anyways. She has a great stage presence and she has a great way of coming off as tough while still being very feminine. The band was great and it all just worked. Very cool and very much worth checking out.

Other than that, I did some house stuff and some car stuff and managed to kill the entire weekend. Anyways, I'm feeling the cold meds kicking in and I have an early day tomorrow so hasta manana.


you left out the best parts! Like when you shut that "sexual chocolate" guy up with just a glance LOL!