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You know, it's hard to feel like a mature functional member of society when your nose is stuffy and runny at the same time (wtf, make up your mind) and all you want to do is curl up in bed (which I did for decent part of the day, but I have homework which must be attended to)


oof. no fun. get better soon.

i seem to have managed to not get sick yet, but i'm at best barely functional these past few days...and i've got a week's worth of work plus my first biology midterm coming up on thursday. eep. must not get sick.

a voodoo organist and pie will make it better


weeks later, i've got the same damn thing. stupid nose has been dripping all freaking day long (yesterday too) and it's completely stuffed. my ears are stuffed too. i was trying to mount some embryos in some gelatin today, and it seemed like everytime i got my embryos in some, my nose would drip, i'd have to go wipe, and the gelatin would set up with the embryo in the worng position. i wonder whether i've the same bug, and how it got here.