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Some work stuff is sucking right now. Yay, huge scary stress monster.

My cable sort of worked after the cable guy showed up last Friday but on Monday I discovered that I couldn't upload anything at all (hence no posting) and Time Warner told me to go to their office and swap out my crappy modem for a new one.

I did

Guess what.

The new one didn't work at all. I won't even power up. So I was livid and am currently being a massively squaky wheel but I still don't have internet at home. Big suck.

Even so I had to do one thing online yesterday and I did (I had to load the info onto my laptop and go to my brother's office to do it though.

I'm going to try and do my first auto sale on eBay.

Check it out, my 1968 Ford Bronco that's for sale. So hopefully that'll be a good thing, but I'm curious to see how this whole eBay thing works for something like a vehicle.

Anyways, I have to run. I owe lots of you email and replies, and I'll get to those as soon as I have internet at home (work is just really hectic right now).



Yup, and so far it's going well I think. I got a much better price than I could have locally and it's not terribly more complicated than selling a vehicle locally.

The big thing really just seems to be making sure everyone is comfortable with how the deal is going to go through.
I would totally buy that, except 2 reasons. 1. It's a Ford. (sorry, family thing..haha) 2. I can't drive a stick. woe is me.
definitely a stark improvement from when I first saw it some time ago. very cool man.

As for cable...I'd bitch them out big time. If you go in there, tell them that you feel like they don't give a crap about your service, otherwise you wouldn't have had to go on so long without it. Well, do this (somehow loud) if there's quite a few customers in that big room. Make them turn and look. Yeah..the bastids! hehe
if you dont sell it on ebay, i know a guy who would be interested in taking off your hands. you lemme know.

you can call me at 328-8896

denise >^,,^