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hulk smash!

What are these people smoking??!?!

Thanks to strange for pointing out this gem from the backwoods of kentucky:

Student arrested for terroristic threat...

What was that threat?


That's right, he somehow threatened the school by writing a story where a high school was overrun by zombies.




Jeez, as if I needed any more reasons to feel sorry for people who lived in Kentucky.... Are the authorities out there really that fucking retarded? No, I take that back, that's not even retarded. That's downright braindead and stupid. I mean we're talking persistent vegatative state here. I find it offensive that anyone in any position of power could be that stupid (and in this case you have cops, the DA, and a judge involved so far). If you think that writing about zombies somehow constitutes a real threat to anyone then you'd be duty bound to go after published authors and Japanese video game companies and major Hollywood studios (remember the scene in Resident Evil 2 where they were in a middle school?).

I mean, jeez. That whole thing just makes me want to sit down and right something where the entire state of kentucky is eaten up by zombies because they had outlawed all literature/films on them and no one knew what to do when they came along. Then again, judging by this article, maybe the zombies already took over. Clearly some people there don't seem to have higher cognitive functions.

Let's hear it for the first ammendment. It was nice while it lasted.


Wow. Just when you think that you can't be shocked by stupid people anymore...Kentucky comes along and shows us just how stupid people can really get. That whole deal is absurd.
Just when you think that you can't be shocked by stupid people anymore

LOL, we're living in red states, how did you come to think that human stupidity was finite after last November?
I didn't think human stupididty was finite, I just don't get shocked by stupid behavior that much anymore. I've kind of come to expect it. That's why this is absurd.
Yeah, it's sad when people manage to exceed our expectations in that department.

Kind of makes you wonder if Darwin knew what he was talking about.
Let's not lose sight of the fact that it was his *grandparents* who turned him into the authorities.

Yeah, let's just let that one sink in for a few seconds.

Quoth [Unknown LJ tag]: "I can't wait to see what sort of retirement village he finds them."
LOL, that's a good one.

Still though, I come from a fairly conservative neck of the woods so I'm kind of used to the idea that the older generations just won't understand their kids/grandkids, but yeah, that's pretty fucked up too.

I mean, how stupid did they have to be to not be able to read the story and think "hmmm a bit gory, but it's an interesting story, I'll talk to him about it". I bet you if they had asked him about it and shown a genuine interest in what he was writing he would have opened up to them big time and they would have seen that he wasn't trying to do anything wrong.

Jeez, big brother is watching us and he has our grandparents on his payroll.
That's the fucken stupidest story I've ever read. I really feel sorry for people who live in Kentucky. I especially feel sorry for that kid for having fucked up grandparents.
Well, I usually feel sorry for the people who live in Kentucky, but this just makes me feel even worse for them.

And yeah, poor kid. Just think, the guy was trying to express himself creatively (writing zombie stories which are just cool) and all these people (even his grandparents) come along and say he's a terrorist and that he deserved to be in jail and to be tried for writing a story.

Talk about feeling misunderstood.

When exactly did the first ammendment get taken out of the bill of rights?
Heh, and most importantly we're not in Kentucky :-p

Isn't that one of those states that still thinks the south won the civil war war of northern aggession?
I can't find the story, but about a month ago, one of our semi-local middle schools evacuated and sent all of their students home because they found a car in the parking lot with a MAGIC KIT in it. Now first off, who wanders the lot looking for unidentified cars all day long? But, it turned out the guy's Jetta had died on the road, he coasted into the lot, and left it, calling a buddy to get him. The car was there for a few hours with a "suspicious" package in it, so they evacuated. All of the news crews were there with things like "local man tries to blow up school with magic kit!"

Until I read this, I thought that was the dumbest terror story I'd heard. LOL
Actually, where I went to high school, there was a limited amount of parking available to students in the school lot. (Seniors mainly.) You had to be registered, and there was someone who went around making sure that all the cars in the non-visitor section of the lot belonged to students with permits. (Or teachers, staff, etc.)
My old high school was like that too.

The parking spots closest to the school are definitely a hot commodity.
But this is an elementary school....
Yeah ... I'm guessing, though, that the principle of limited parking applies? Even if not, having police officers patrolling school and grounds has been fairly standard for a number of years now, even in "nice" towns.
Heh, more to the point, just how suspicious can a "normal" car look in a parking lot? I mean seriously, the people who put bombs and other nasty things in cars tend to put them in such that you can't see them with just a glance (remember the mirrors they use to look under cars and stuff). So it would stand to reason that if you see a package in a car that's not a rental (i.e. shows normal wear and tear and 3 month old burger wrappers) it's likely that it's just a package.

I honestly think some people are just getting their kicks out of being on the lookout for terrorists and doing their best to stop them. They get off wanting to be action heros and looking for any "suspicious" package or person that they can go after. They're preserving truth justice and the american way (but only for people who don't look toooo islamic or too *insert ethnic term here*).
write...not right :-P hehe

this is absolutely rediculous. I read this and think of ONE person...I'd show it to said person but I'm sure they'd turn around and say that I have no idea what's going on since I don't live in Kentucky and don't know the people involved so thereby have no grounds to speak negatively about the situation.

Yeah, and I'd say that anyone who can't think for themselves and make a decision based on the evidence on hand is an idiot.

Granted if it later turned out that the kid also had Trioxin in his basement and was coming up with a plan on how to actually unleash zombies on his school etc... then maybe it wouldn't be so bizarre, but based on what I have read/heard so far it sounds like they are going after him because he had the audacity to write some fiction and they didn't like what they read so now they're going to charge him with a felony.

That's just not right


Oh, and you're almost 30.
"Are the authorities out there really that fucking retarded? No, I take that back, that's not even retarded. That's downright braindead and stupid."

They didn't want their secret to get out! They really ARE zombies and don't want the rest of the country to know for fear that they might be hacked up and burned or something.

Damn crazies.
Damn crazies.

The sad thing is those are the "sane" people, you know the fine upstanding citizens.

I think you might be right about the zombies hiding in plain sight. They're certainly not using much of their higher brain functions.