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Well, the auction is over and my truck is sold.

Have some stuff to do now, but I'll post more later (now that I can think about something other than this auction)


I'm closest to the actual retail price without going over!!! (says that like Bob Barker!) Wooo hooo!
Heh, not only are you a muse, but you're good at the Price is right.

Clearly your shopping-fu is strong and I'll have to run any future auctions by you to see what you think ;)
stuff to do = read as "go to VI for pie!" :-D hahaha

Yeah well, this way when I look back on my LJ 20 years from now I'll feel like I had a life or something :-p
congrats on selling the truck!

one day i will have a brain again and be able to call and talk and such...


I know how that goes. Things here have been pretty stressful lately too so I haven't been doing good at all at the whole talking and being social thing.