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Thanks to benndragon for posting this:

the real fault lines in politics today do not lie along the traditional conservative/liberal lines but along rational/irrational lines

Which has the following brilliant line: "'I'm rather more comfortable dealing with someone whose politics I disagree with, but I can see how they got to where they are, than someone whose politics are in line with mine but who appears to have arrived at those politics without an intermediary step of, you know, thinking about those politics

Damn if that doesn't sum things up perfectly.

Some more quotes which just make so much sense, it's scary:
  • A hint for you: When an irrational politician sleeps in the White House, irrationalism is not exactly marginalized. Irrationalists aren't wingnuts; they're not even the wings. They're the damned fuselage of political discourse at the moment, and I think that's pretty damn scary.

  • The big problem with irrationalists is that they expect rational people with the same surface politics as them to fall into line, and get confused and angry when they don't.

  • for some unfathomable reason, there don't seem to be very many irrational moderates

  • the rational all along the political spectrum should realize they have far more common cause with other rationalists, in terms of effective governing, than they do with the irrationalists who ostensibly share their politics.

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