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Coming to you from... somewhere on campus

So, today I have to give an interim presentation on our progress in my Construction Management class.

Given that we really don't have all that much progress to report, this should be... interesting.

Actually we have made progress, but it's the kind of stuff that's hard to really quantify and explain (e.g. background for the project).

I'm actually in charge of generating something that looks remotely like the stuff we've done in class and I'm sitting here in the 2nd floor of tne engineering building typing away, sitting at a conveniently located table and comfy office chair that just happened to be living in the hallway. I'll ramble more later, but right now I have to familiarize myself with M$ Project (eeeeeewww) and come up with 3 or so minutes of bullshit err... material to deliver (ah, the joys of being a grad student).

However, I can now rest easy knowing that I can log in an get my eljay fix anytime I need to :-p

(now if only checking email was this easy... damn oddly configured wireless network)

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