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Spring in El Paso..

... flowers bloom, birds sing, and trees get ripped out of the ground by a "gust" of wind.


Yeah, that was an interesting thing to drive by on my way home this afternoon. That happened about 4 blocks from my house. Now I'm really glad that I didn't wash my truck this weekend. It's a tad dusty out here.


I think your winds came out this way. It's been moderately windy for a few days now (with occasional periods of gale force winds)
well that's one way to prune a tree :-P
No kidding. Why can't that happen to the trees I don't like in my yard? I bet you those things will stay standing even if the house gets blown down.
Damn. What neighborhood was that in? I swear, these damn desert winds have picked up pretty bad in the past week. It makes it hard for me to drive back and forth from Silver to El Paso.
Manhattan Heights (i.e. my neighborhood ;).

I know what you mean abou the wind and driving. It's always interesting to have to go places during the wind storms out here. If nothing else at least the long drives aren't boring when it's windy (even though you end up exhausted when you finally get where you're going :).
eep. impressive.
Yeah. Listening to all the wind from inside my drafty old house was kind of a trip last night.
saw your post on depravedangel's LJ, followed the link because I was curious about your username. I REALLY like your journal layout - is it custom?
Thanks, I'm glad you like the layout. I came up with it when I decided to try out the S2 stuff. It was supposed to be temporary, but I've kept it around for a year or so now (lately I seem to do web stuff at a glacial rate).

IIRC, it's just a modified version of the "component" style. I think I flipped some things around and re-labeled some of the components so that I could use them for different things.