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zhaan silly

You can find almost ANYTHING on eBay....

pfjunkie pointed this one out:

Authentic El Paso Tumbleweed

Yikes, just yikes.


At least its not selling for more than 10 dollars I guess..

And the tumbleweed isnt native to texas, or the US for that matter, but is simply a weed that accidently made its way to our shores via Sibberia/Russia
I still remember the first time I saw an actual tumbleweed. It was on my drive cross-country. I think it was the day I left your place.
I love that it's hanging out by the pool.
what the hell would you do with that thing??

more importantly, how would you ship it without breaking it??!!
lots and lots of styrofoam packing peanuts :)
That is completely ridiculous.
oh my god. please.