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Have you ever wondered...

...where I usually spend my Saturday mornings (this semester at least)?

That'd be here:

Sitting at the back of the room trying desperately not to fall asleep. Mmmmm... doesn't that picture just make you want to jump right out of bed and head on down to listen to someone talk about Construction Management for 3 hours on a Saturday morning?

Yeah, me neither.

On the plus side though, today was the last day of class (next week we have our final presentations) and I got several bits of good news:
  • I got a 98 out of 100 on my midterm. Apparently I know a little bit about this subject. This also means that so long as I don't tank the final presentation or my two finals I should have two As for the semester. This makes my GPA very happy.
  • Since our final was going to be open book/notes anyways, our prof decided to make it a take-home final too, we'll have a week to do it and he'll give it to us next Saturday after the presentations
  • There's a pretty decent chance that I can get a gig as an RA at the end of the summer working on something or other and getting paid for it. As you might have guessed this would be Very Good News (tm). Plus I was talking to him about a bit of research that I'd like to do and he seemed quite receptive to it. In general he seemed pretty encouraging about everything I brought up (including my interest in pursuing a PhD once I'm done with my masters). It probably helps that I've pretty much aced everything that he's asked us to do in class. Even so, nothing is written in stone, but he asked me to email him my contact info so he can let me know when these new projects get funding so we can see what I might be able work on.

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