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A survey with interesting an insightful answers about me.... right....


  1. name? Victor
  2. d.o.b.? August 19, 1976
  3. location? El Paso, Texas
  4. religion? Catholic, non-contagious
  5. occupation? Engineer, Owner of a Construction Company... also do freelance computer work


  1. hair? Just touching shoulders, being grown out indefinitely, jet black.
  2. eyes? Extremely dark brown, almost black, very light-sensitive.
  3. height? 6'2.75"'
  4. weight? 240-250-ish
  5. figure? Tall, big, football player build


  1. clothing? Jeans & t-shirt, most often black or some other dark color
  2. music? Anything and everything with a few exceptions
  3. makeup? Nope, only for special occasions and under duress ;)
  4. bodyart? Thinking about it, trying to decide what to do.
  5. piercings? Yes, 4 so far, more planned.


  1. wearing? jeans, t-shirt, open button down shirt and big black work boots.
  2. listening to? Armand Van Helden and other random MP3s
  3. thinking of? I need to send out bills (and payments), joy.
  4. feeling? I feel a food coma coming on.
  5. where are you? At my desk at work.


  1. bought? Farscape DVDs
  2. ate & drank? Chinese food and ice tea for lunch this afternoon
  3. read (book)? Re-reading Brian Lumley's Necroscope
  4. watched on tv? Buffy The Vampire Slayer this morning before work


  1. club or houseparty? Club, I'd rather not have to clean up afterwards ;)
  2. tea or coffee? Tea
  3. high achiever or easygoing? High achieving, but patient and relaxed about it.
  4. beer or cider? Cider
  5. drinks or shots? Drinks
  6. cats or dogs? Both
  7. single or taken? Single
  8. pen or pencil? mechanical pencil (crucial distinction)
  9. gloves or mittens? gloves
  10. food or candy? food
  11. cassette or cd? CD
  12. snuff or cigarettes? 10 foot pole, won't touch with.
  13. coke or Pepsi? Mountain Dew (made by Pepsi)
  14. hard or mild alcohol? Whatever the drink calls for ;)
  15. matches or a lighter? Both, one must always have options for starting a fire
  16. sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful? Neither, ever.
  17. ricki lake or oprah winfrey? Neither, believe they qualify as cruel and unusual punishment


  1. kill? No one, but I'm always taking applications
  2. shag? That's classified
  3. slap? No one, but there are a few people asking for it...
  4. hear from? Chrissi
  5. get really wasted with? Priscilla
  6. tickle? Chelsea
  7. look like? Me, but a bit thinner.
  8. be like? Me, only less socially inept
  9. avoid? My evil twin
  10. tease? Christy