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Almost there....

Well, I made it out of class. Finally.

I pretty much slept through all the other presentations (just waking up to clap and look awake-ish during the Q&A portions).

The good thing though is that the take home final looks like it'll be a breeze so I should be done with everything for the semester by Tuesday. Woo-hoo. 1 (small) step closer to another degree.

I stopped by home to drop off my laptop and I'm about to head out to my nephew's First Holy Communion party/lunch. He just celebrated/did that in mass this morning (anyone care to guess just how pleased I was that I just happened to have class at the exact same time? ;). It should be nice seeing the family and relaxing a bit, but I really wish I could take a nap.

Oh well, they have comfy couches, I can probably catnap a bit while I'm out there. I just want to make sure that folks are actually there before I head over.

Anyways, I'm off to have uber-filling homecooked brisket and assorted other "summer" foods.... Heh, my stomach is growling now...

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