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That was NOT a nap...

I got home from the family stuff around 5:00pm. I was very tired and very full of very good food.

However, Ruben had asked me to help him move some boxes from the house he's selling so I dutifully agreed to (the joys of having a big family, someone almost always needs help with something). I was waiting for him to finish working out so I went home to change into something appropriate for moving dusty boxes out of a garage.

Unfortunately, I sat down on my bed to take off the dress shoes that I wore for the presentation.

Pixel was being cute and whiney and wanted attention so I lay back to rub her fuzzy belly....

... and the next thing I know it's 11 pm! :-(


I called Ruben and left him a message on his voicemail apologizing for disappearing and offering to help tomorrow (well later today actually).

<whine> Oy, and to top it off my back is hurting because I didn't sleep right (my legs were partially off the bed and apparently I twisted myself around a bit). I also have a slight headache and it's almost 3am and I am wide awake. </whine>

I just watched a trippy Korean flick, OldBoy, which was... interesting. Definitely something intriguing to watch and some of the fight scenes were really cool and different, but it's also a good example of how I just don't get some elements of foreign cinema (especially some of the less mainstream asian stuff). The movie was cool, but the ending was pretty disturbing. Although I suppose, since it is a mystery, that makes it a very good ending. I certainly wasn't expecting all those twists.

It's definitely not something that you'll see playing at the local megaplex this summer.

Blah. I think I may have to just stay up until tomorrow night so I can get back to my usual sleep cycle.

Oh well, I'm off. ttfn.
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