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Damn it.

One of these days I will remember how much this hurts and avoid it in the future. I always think it'll end up differently but its always the same thing.

Fuck caffeine. I hate it and I hate going off of it. Hell, thanks to my funky brain chemistry, I don't even get the happy awake feeling from it. It usually puts me to sleep.

I'd been bad the last couple of months (with school and all) and I got back into the habit of drinking a lot of soda. Yesterday I decided to stop. Today my head feels like it's going to explode.

This is why I hate being hooked on anything, even caffeine.

Ow ow ow ow. I have a pretty good bit of pain tolerance, but I loathe those internal pains that don't correspond to something tangible. A bruise or scrape from mountain biking, a cut from working on the cars, even a sprain from playing sports, all of those are just peachy, but a headache, or stomach ache etc... totally leaves me a mess.

Anyhow, I took some pain killers so I should be able to get to sleep in a little bit.


Yep, I know of which caffeine withdrawl headaches you speak of. I have had them in the past, and they are not very pleasant. I still drink my morning coffee, but I very seldom drink soda anymore. It was tough giving up my "4-5 Mt Dews" a day habit. Keep the Advil bottle handy for a while.
Psh... I was cruising up to a 3 liter bottle a day habit.

Fortunatley MD and ice tea are my only caffeine sources and I only ever have ice tea when I go out to eat on the weekends so once I get all the MD out of my system I should be fine.

I think they're mostly gone already actually.