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zhaan silly

Bunny Pr0n

Now this... this is just



Clicky Clicky


That is a badass ad.

Now I want to go out and buy that stereo. See if the husky and Stitch plushies on my dashboard will do some bumping and grinding while driving through traffic.
Heh, Stitch getting it on with the husky would be disturbing.

I was just thinking how distracting it would be if I saw something like that going on in my rear view mirror. I'd probably wreck.
Yeah, I'd wreck too. From laughing my ass off behind the wheel.
That's a fantastic ad.

Do you mind if I put the link in my journal, I have a few people that would really get a laugh out of that.
Go for it. Glad you liked it.
I keep laughing every time I see it. I also want this song now.