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Movie Review - Unleashed

Unleashed kicks some serious ass. Granted I'm biased and I think Jet Li does some great movie kung fu, but the combination of Jet Li and Yuen Wo-Ping (The name in fight choreography) is just amazing. It's bloody and violent and loads of fun. I had high hopes for it and it definitely delivered. Don't expect fine cinema, but the plot is pretty good (and amazing by kung fu movie standards ;) and Morgan Freeman does a really good job to keep the non-fight scenes moving along. Actually everyone in the movie is good, but the fight scenes are where this movie shines. They're just hands down amazing. You get everything from closed quarters fighting inside a small bathroom stall to six-person brawls in a fight arena. It's the first movie in a while that made me wince from the sheer brutality, but ultimately I loved every second of it and I never once thought to look at my watch (which is a good sign of just how engaging and fun I find a movie ;)

Wow, just wow. As an action/kung-fu movie this gets a solid DS of 10. Don't got see it if you are a bit squeamish, but if you like hearing bones break and seeing some amazing choreography this is definitely a movie to check out.
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