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purple dragon


Grades from last semester are finally up online and I got...

*drumroll please*

... all A's

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Why can't all my Mondays started out like this?

Anyways, off to do that voodoo that I do. Ciao


Thanks! :)
That's awesome. Maybe the rest of us will have a good Monday today too!
Heh, I should have asked for a good week, not just a good Monday ;)

Eh, anyways it's Friday now and that makes everything easier to handle.
Yes. Friday is the best, although I've noticed myself getting particularly stoked about Thursday now too.
Wow, that was fast ;)

It must be Friday ;)

So what's so nice about Thursdays now?
It's one day before Friday, the big day of the week.

and you had your doubts...nerd :-P
Yeah, well I could have gotten Bs if I tanked my finals and stuff :-p

Nerd? Yeah, pretty much.
Heh, I didn't get many As at MIT either, but I felt really lame when I didn't get all As the first time I attempted grad school (granted I was doing comp sci which I hated, but still).

Let's here it for being slackers and having lives... well for being slackers at least ;)