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spooky old house

Mmmmmmmm Air Con....

Well it only took about 2 hours and about 8 trips up and down the ladders (the most harrowing* part of the experience) but my air conditioners are working quite nicely now. I think I might like to change some stuff on them, but for the time being they cool and that is a Very Good Thing (tm).

* - Keep in mind that since I'm on a mountain the top of the roof varies from about 23' in the back to about 33' on one side... and I fell of a roof once so I'm not too keen about climbing up on them (I don't have a fear of heights, I've been sky diving with no problem, I just loathe being on roofs, so spending the morning on mine is something of an achievement)


sorry I couldn't help, I worked yesterday (Tuesday)...I was actually waiting 'til 1030 and if I hadn't gotten a call, was gonna msg you to offer up help Wednesday hehe...
No worries, I might need you ready to speed dial 911 this weekend though. I need to adjust the bleed off line or install pumps like they put on your folks' place.
Now Crazy Neighbor is going to think you put up high-powered satellites to spy on him... WAY TO GO! Haha!

I'm proud of you getting on the roof, though... you brave man!
Heh, that's me. Brave and daring. I made it up to my roof ;)

Next up, my basement after midnight!!