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Movie Meme

Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Probably in the neighborhood of 600-700 hundred. I haven't counted in a couple of years...

The last film I bought:
Not sure, probably Assault on Precinct 13

The last film I watched:
Day of the Dead (yeah I've been on a zombie kick lately)

Five films I watch/could watch a lot:
There are tons of movies I could/do watch a lot, but here are some of my al time favorites (this week)

Real Genius - It reminds me of the good old days at MIT. Be afraid, be very afraid ;)
The Big Easy - I just always dug this flick. Kick ass music, and I don't care if it's horribly cheesy 80s, I still like it.
Sean of the Dead- Zombies and goofy brits. 'nuff said.
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars - A great finale to the series. This miniseries/movie captured everything I liked about the show.
True Romance - My favorite "romantic" movie. Be even more afraid ;)

Desperado - Cute girl, big explosions, bad ass soundtrack.
Pulp Fiction - My favorite Tarantino Flick
The Incredibles - Can't forget an entry from Pixar
Fist of Legend - Jet Li + Kung Fu = Good

Now it must be done by:
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Is Farscape that good? I keep hearing about it but when I read the stuff on Amazon.com I just don't get it. Is it worth watching? (cause I'll check it out if you give me a little info on it)
Personally, I really dig it. I'm not going to kid you and claim that it's fine dramatic cinema. It's sci-fi, but it's good sci-fi.

The characters are interesting and they get added and they go away (and main characters do actually die and it sucks when they do). It's a lot more dynamic than most series out there. Granted it only ran for 4 seasons + 1 miniseries, but I was hooked from the beginning. I think one of the things I liked about it was the organic way they handled things. In the pilot they explain how they clean their teeth (minty tasting worms that eat junk off of them), understand one another (translator microbes), and best of all they have a living ship (which makes a nice metaphor for Earth, especially given how often they are faced with having to use her (and put her in danger) as a ship but also caring for her as a living being).

Then the stories were good. They rarely dealt with purely action sci-fi topics, a lot of times they were really dealing with politics issues and issues between different species, and they were never really able to do the Star Trek "shoot first, ask questions later thing" they were always outgunned and had to talk, run, and sneak their way out of their situations.

The special effects were also kick ass. Two of the main characters were developed by Jim Hensen's company and they had a lot of aliens that didn't look like people. The space scenes were really impressive and they got better and better as the show went on.

I guess overall it was just so different, but yet so understandable that I had to enjoy it. It's not Star Wars or Star Trek or anything like that. It's got a much different vibe and even though they did resort to TV convetions sometimes, I always felt like they did their best to do better than that. It's a good show.

Oh, and a big plus to watching it now is that you can enjoy the entire unabridged episodes, not the severely cut ones (so they could squeeze more commercials in) that they aired on the sci-fi channel originally.
Gary Oldman is good in just about everything he does. I'm actually kind of partial to his role in The Fifth Element (and I'm very partial to that white bandage thing Jovovich was wearing through half the movie ;)
True Romance is one of the best damn movies I've ever seen.
And I'd be lying if I didn't say that I love the Incredibles.
Well, you have good taste in movies. I should do a movie night someday whe you can make it out this way.
did the meme... whee! apparently i love cartoons and not much else! you've a much more balanced collection. i've been eyeing the incredibles. maybe i'll get that next!
Cartoons are good. I have all of Pixar's offerings and several full series of anime (stuff like Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop etc...).

Incredibles is awesome. The bonus stuff is pretty amusing too. Like the short they put on the DVD with Kari the babysitter handling Jack Jack (it takes place during all her phone calls to the family and I really enjoyed that they did that)
I dunno, Real Genius always makes me feel like I wasn't cool enough because I slept too much and never built anything cool just for the heck of it nor did I manage to sabotage any cutting edge government research. man, what a square I was!
Yeah, but you tooled and geeked out like the rest of us.

I didn't think it was so much about all the uber-geeky plot stuff. I liked it more for the vibe. You know, like knowing people like Hollfeld and studying until you felt like running out of the room screaming etc... I enjoy it for the interaction between the characters in the first half, not so much for the whole underlying plot.

Oh, and the quotable lines. You gotta like it, "it's a moral imperative" ;)