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Movie Meme

Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Probably in the neighborhood of 600-700 hundred. I haven't counted in a couple of years...

The last film I bought:
Not sure, probably Assault on Precinct 13

The last film I watched:
Day of the Dead (yeah I've been on a zombie kick lately)

Five films I watch/could watch a lot:
There are tons of movies I could/do watch a lot, but here are some of my al time favorites (this week)

Real Genius - It reminds me of the good old days at MIT. Be afraid, be very afraid ;)
The Big Easy - I just always dug this flick. Kick ass music, and I don't care if it's horribly cheesy 80s, I still like it.
Sean of the Dead- Zombies and goofy brits. 'nuff said.
Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars - A great finale to the series. This miniseries/movie captured everything I liked about the show.
True Romance - My favorite "romantic" movie. Be even more afraid ;)

Desperado - Cute girl, big explosions, bad ass soundtrack.
Pulp Fiction - My favorite Tarantino Flick
The Incredibles - Can't forget an entry from Pixar
Fist of Legend - Jet Li + Kung Fu = Good

Now it must be done by:
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I dunno, Real Genius always makes me feel like I wasn't cool enough because I slept too much and never built anything cool just for the heck of it nor did I manage to sabotage any cutting edge government research. man, what a square I was!
Yeah, but you tooled and geeked out like the rest of us.

I didn't think it was so much about all the uber-geeky plot stuff. I liked it more for the vibe. You know, like knowing people like Hollfeld and studying until you felt like running out of the room screaming etc... I enjoy it for the interaction between the characters in the first half, not so much for the whole underlying plot.

Oh, and the quotable lines. You gotta like it, "it's a moral imperative" ;)