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No running in the halls.

So yeah, I went to go see THE movie. We all know which movie.

Yeah, I know I was going to wait for a few days/weeks to go see it. On a lark I decided to check out Fandango and see what the ticket situation was like and lo and behold, there were tickets available for every showing at Carmike yesterday (except for the midnight showing which apparently had it on 8 screens and sold out all 8 theatres for about 1100 people). I txt msg'ed pfjunkie and we decided to catch a show on opening day.

I picked the 2:15 show using the logic that it was early enough to avoid the after school/work rush and late enough to avoid the "I skipped work/school because I'm desperate to see it" rush. I think I made a good choice. We got there and we were first in a relatively short line (quite a bit shorter than the one for the previous screening at 1:45). Hung out for a little while and then they let us in the theatre...

... and I regressed to 12 years old.

I ran to the theatre.

Some kid behind us was running and I decided to throw caution (and dignity) to the wind and beat him in. No particularly good or interesting reason, I just wanted to get the seat that I wanted and I don't like it when someone does that (runs in to beat people who are walking, it's a pet peeve). It's first come first serve and if that's the way he wants to do it, fuck 'em, I have longer legs ;). I'm pleased to say that I beat the kid in, and I got the specific seat that I wanted (yes, I have very specific seating preferences at the theatre... yes I am aware that I'm a dork)

So I got in (Dave followed about a minute later giggling hysterically) and settled down (eventually). Movie started. It kicked ass. No spoilers from me, but watch it, it's good. As a far bigger geek than I once said, it "makes up for Jar Jar AND mitichlorians!" ;)

After the movie we hit ye olde Chinese Buffet, I finally figured out how much food is enough but not too much (a very good thing as I'd like to keep my waistline from expanding to Jabba-esque proportions). We talked about some possible work stuff that I need to research and think about. Hit Best Buy, I grabbed Seasons 2 & 3 of Farscape (finally) because they were on sale along with Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas (which I'm not liking all that much yet, it's hard to get into and, so far, not as much fun as the previous verions).

We then indulged our inner 14 year olds by taking a 30 minute detour to see what was burning off in the distance (we saw it from the far west side of town and as we got closer to my place we saw how huge it was and decided to go investigate.

After that we came back here and Dave watched as I kept getting killed playing GTA:SA. (thereby indulging the 13 year old in us). After about an hour of that Dave decided to call it a night and he headed to places unknown and I jumped online for a bit and had a really good and informative conversation with a friend (and I finally reverted to my actual age ;)

Now it's morning and I'm kind of blah today. Blah seems to be a recurring theme for me lately. Blah.


Definitely. I can't wait until I can do a marathon with all 6 :)
the movie was good! i'm a little disturbed discover that palpatine didn't just mispronounce mitochondria after all...
You know, stuff like that I just chalk up to "suspension of disbelief"

Honestly, I find it interesting how starships, FTL travel, and light sabres are all accepted without much/any question, but as soon as someone tries to explain something and people just flip out.

For that reason alone, I think they should have just left the whole force/jedi thing as something they could sense (i.e. "the force is strong in this one") instead of something they could do a blood test for.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was, a semi-cheesy, but amusing Space Opera with lots of pretty lights and explosions and a good use of the surround sound ;)
We then indulged our inner 14 year olds

*ehem* WE? I wasn't the one that ran into the theater! :-P hehe but that shit was hilarious LOL!

and it was actually closer to 50minutes believe it or not..wierd eh?