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Early morning productivity...

It's not quite 9 in the am and I've already been up for a couple of hours. Amazingly, I've been quite the productive monkey today.

So far....
  • I did my weekly grocery shopping (so as to beat the crowds) and topped up Molly's tank.

  • I walked/jogged with the dogs. I'm pleased to report that Zhaan is finally unlearning her poor leash walking habits (courtesy of a certain someone who refused to make her heel) and Saks is learning to sit. I was actually a bit surprised that Zhaan has apparently figured out how the crosswalk works, the walk signal came on and she actually got up to walk across the street while I was praising Saks for starting to sit on command. I'll have to see if she consistently does it. I'd believe that she's clever enough to do it, but I was still surprised that she appears to have figured it out so fast. I find it endlessly cool that, for the most part, I have the two biggest and best behaved dogs at the park. While other people are being pulled along wherever their dogs want to go, we're actually getting the hang of jogging together, without anyone tripping ayone else (a feat that I am very happy about).

  • I watered my plants

  • Checked email, LJ, did my usual news reading, and I'm even posting (ok, so maybe saying that reading LJ, and posting to it are productive is a stretch ;)

  • and now it's time for breakfast.

Hmm... What to do with the rest of the day?

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