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Where's the any key?

Well, I've had a good weekend so far, but it looks like I'll be spending my Memorial Day doing some computer voodoo and maybe some other stuff. Moya (my main desktop machine) finally decided that she will not boot up until I've re-installed her OSes so I decided to do some hardware upgrades, changes, and misc tweaks now that she's cracked open. However this is contingent on actually getting several CDs burned before I call it a night.

So I should do that.




I still need to redo two computers. Thankfully, mine hasn't got to the boiling point yet, so I can still procrastinate. :)

Actually, one has died...(which is past a boiling point)...but it's not my computer, and school ends Wednesday for the driver, sooooooo...it's not a pressing priortity to get that one back up and running yet. :-D
Well the computers are back up and running but I am still fiddling with them (can't get logjam to compile on my main one)

Ah, aren't computers fun?