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The Squeaky Wheel...

Some days it pays to know how to complain.

Today was one of those days. pfjunkie and I wandered on out to OfficeMax because they had a very good deal on one bit of computer goodness that we had both been coveting for a while. Their advert listed:

a relatively no-name external 120 Gig hard drive for $40 with no mail-in rebates. Not a bad price considering that the cheapest you can find (even the no-name) ones online for (through reliable dealers) is right around $100, sometimes with some number of mail-in rebates that might push them to around $80-90

We got there about half an hour before the store opened (mostly out of boredom and Dave's aversion to checking store hours before heading out ;) and hung out geeking about Star Wars and random computer crap (so it was actually an entertaining half hour).

Eventually they crack the doors open and we're the first customers in the store. We immediately ask about the drives and....

"We're sorry, they're sold out"

What. The. Fuck?

How do you not have something that's advertised when the first customers of the day show up?

Well since I'd made the effort to get there first thing in the morning, I decided to exercise my complaint-fu and I asked to speak to the manager. He was surprisingly nice and he explained how their ordering and advertising system works (I was surprised that I could see how they'd often end up without advertised sale items although I suspect doing it consistently still qualifies as some form of deceptive trade practice or false advertising). I was still cranky though so I basically said that I was going to write an angry letter to their corporate offices because this happens way to often to be reasonable. To my surprpise he asked us to wait for 5 minutes while he tried to find a substitute item to offer us.

I was doubtful but since we'd already made the drive out there, I figured what the hell, I might as well se what he came up with. 10 minutes later he came back and said he could get us:

A Western Digital 120GB External Hard Drive

for the advertised price, but he could only do one because that's all he had. I wasn't happy about it, but I said sure and I figured I'd let Dave grab that and I'd ask him to give me one of the 80 gig external WD drives (which they did have on the shelves).

Well lo and behold, he came back 10 minutes later with two of the 120 gig hard drives. I was totally blown away. Granted we shouldn't have had to go through the hassle, but I was really impressed that he came through with something better than we'd been planning on buying.

I think I'm still going to write the letter to their corporate offices, but I won't be complaining. I think I'll be writing them a very nice (but slghtly vague) thank you letter for their manager's great customer service, and you know I probably will make an effort to shop there more often (unlike Best Buy which has largely lost my business, but that's another story ;).

So the moral of the story is that the squeaky wheel does get the external hard drive, and I have once again proven that my squeak-fu is strong (although having a super-deep and gruff voice from being sick the last week and a half might have helped ;)
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