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Mmmmm... multiple monitors...

Well, after several weeks of my computers not quite working properly, Rehad released Fedora Core 4 (for non geeks, that's comparable to M$ releasing whatever comes after XP, except linux distros tend to update one or more times a year) on Monday and I got downloaded yesterday. I burned it to CDs today and it installed flawlessly. I even managed to get both of my LCD monitors working on it. Check it out:

(yes that is what you think it is playing in the middle monitor). The Laptop isn't always going to be there, but it's actually a very convenient setup since it lets me get stuff on and off the machines easily. I can also access the new fileserver and now all of my MP3s and movies are on it (so far that's about 200 Gbs worth of stuff but I know I have some duplicates and I know there's some stuff I haven't ripped onto it yet so I'm not sure if that number will go up or down).

Not to sound too geeky (granted it's probably too late), but I had forgotten how much fun it is to have multiple desktops and now with multiple desktops on multiple monitors I'm really having fun ;). Now I just need to actually get around to doing some actual work on the new setup ;)
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