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Seperated at birth?

So, am I the only one who thinks the resemblance is kinda creepy?


Don't get me wrong, the more I've seen of the trailers to the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the more I'm really looking forward to seeing it, but still... the physical similarities are pretty damn scary.... especially considering that, of the two, Johnny Depp has a much better tan ;).


Ill kill you.

Don't you ever say that again.
similar, but no.
How could you do that? Damn you! LOL!
That's not even funny.

DO NOT compare the hottest man in the known universe to MICHAEL JACKSON, else I shall hunt you down and kill you.

Be warned.
yeah, i can't wait for the movie, too! i also want to see march of the penguins and howl's moving castle. i'm always amazed at how much depp can change his appearance.