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5 idiosyncrasies
  1. I always plot the fastest/shortest possible route for everything from driving to getting through a grocery/department store, unless I specifically set out to take the scenic route, I hate being inefficient when I'm getting from place to place or getting things done. Curiously, I don't really care about this when I'm not driving etc...
  2. In El Paso, I automatically tell time using the sun (usually I'm accurate to within 15 minutes). This habit would drive me nuts when I lived in Boston because during the day the sun wouldn't be in the right place and I'd always think it was either very early morning or late afternoon. I also measure things accurately by sight.
  3. If I'm not driving, I have a very hard time staying awake in a moving vehicle.
  4. I get really creeped out when people I don't know well initiate physical contact (e.g. hugs, etc...). Friends (even if known online only) and family are ok, but I don't like it when people I've barely met or hardly know do it (e.g. when a friend of a friend meets me and hugs me I tend to tense up).
  5. I can easily night and day shift myself with no trouble (see timestamp for this post ;), because of this, I don't experience jet lag.

Tag 5 people....
I tag everyone I went to college with and anyone else who feels like doing this.
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